About the Book

Why Cinderella? Haven't we heard this story before?

Let me tell you, I have heard it a few times. As the mother of two young daughters I have been deluged with all things once-upon-a-time in the past seven years. While driving ballet carpool and listening to another version of this same story on satellite radio I started to think.

Here we have an orphaned, abused teenager marrying a man she hardly knows from a completely different background. She is then thrust onto the national stage with no means of coping with the pressure. They live happily ever after, the end.

Huh? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Three questions beg answers in this scenario. How would her early trauma shape her personality and the decisions she makes? How would those relationships follow her? Did she really find eternal bliss with her charming prince?

A last question struck home for me as a mother. What delusions are we planting in our daughters' heads by presenting this dysfunctional situation as the pathway to happiness?

I sat down to write THE CRACKED SLIPPER and turn a familiar tale into something raw, something full of real people with real problems and real emotions. They happen to live in a world full of mystery and magic, but it is perfectly normal to them. Eleanor, Dorian, Gregory and the rest of the cast of colorful characters live with enchantment, but they are not defined by it. Through her many personal and public trials Eleanor will face down her past, learn to make her own happiness, and discover the true nature of love.